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Introducing ParagonAI

Introducing ParagonAI, the world's best personal dating assistant.


ParagonDating has launched its newest AI assistant, ParagonAI, making getting dates on Tinder easier than ever. Say goodbye to being ghosted, dropping the ball in conversations, and writer's block! ParagonAI has been designed to deliver the perfect personalized message in every conversation.


Dating apps are a lot of work. The average Tinder user spends hours each week on the app. For busy professionals or just those who don't enjoy spending their free time on dating apps, ParagonAI was created to significantly lighten the load while also greatly enhancing the likelihood of securing first dates. Imagine an Tinder AI assistant setting up dates for you with minimal effort.


ParagonAI is the first of its kind among AI assistants. Developed by leveraging ParagonDating’s years of experience and the best practices that have resulted in thousands of dates for customers, this personal AI assistant ensures you always send the most effective message to your matches. ParagonAI is trained to maintain highly flirtatious, engaging conversations and integrates the chat's context with information from the user's ParagonAI account to consistently produce the ideal response.


The founder of ParagonDating describes how ParagonAI can enhance users' dating lives:

"Our team has been securing high-quality dates for our clients for years. We've infused our expertise from managing thousands of client conversations into a bespoke AI assistant that integrates seamlessly with the messaging experience. This assistant is programmed to evolve every chat into a date. It will provide Tinder perfect openers, tailored responses, guide the conversation to keep it engaging, offer follow-ups to prevent ghosting, and even attempt to schedule dates based on user availability and secure the match's number. It's like having a professional dating assistant on steroids.
In testing, we've seen a significant increase in the number of dates arranged compared to the average Tinder user. We're incredibly excited about how much easier this has made online dating."


Outsourcing online dating to professionals has been an option for some time. However, all existing solutions require manual intervention by people who manage your accounts, often costing over $1,000 a month, and involve an extensive onboarding process. ParagonAI delivers even better results for a fraction of the cost, takes less than three minutes to set up, and eliminates the need for others to manage your account. It's currently the best solution on the market.


With features designed to make conversations effortless, ParagonAI integrates directly into the Tinder messaging experience. With just a simple click, users receive customized messages to advance every conversation toward an exchange of numbers. Available now for Tinder, ParagonAI is set to expand to other popular platforms like Bumble and will soon offer tailored swiping and a complete autopilot mode.


Don't spend another week swiping on Tinder—let ParagonAI steer your dating life toward the dates you deserve. Sign up for the service today and start lining up dates as early as tomorrow!


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