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We are a team of dating experts with a passion for solving online dating.

Who We Are

"We Master Online Dating So You Don't Have To"

We are a team of dating experts, professional writers, and dating app enthusiasts, dedicated to our passion of solving online dating for singles like you. Our team has taken online dating to an extreme level on just about every major dating platform available and replicates proven success to our clients.

When we started ParagonDating, our approach was simple. We wanted to determine how to achieve consistent success on every major dating platform so we could replicate and then automate that success for our clients. After spending thousands of collective hours testing a variety of variables on every major dating platform, we've come up with the best processes that we now successfully apply to our clients.

Our goal is simple. To perfect the world of online dating so you don't have to. 

How We Solve Online Dating

We Create Top 10% Dating Profiles For Our Clients


We select your best photos and deploy a team of professional writers to craft a perfect dating profile that will place you into the top 10% of dating profiles. Your profile will catch the attention of high quality women and dramatically increase the amount of matches you receive.

We Connect With Hundreds of Local Singles Based On Our Client's Preferences and Relationship Goals


Your team of dating experts will immediately connect with high quality women, based on your preferences, on all of your favorite dating platforms. They send tailored messages to women based on your personality and interests, while using proven methods proven to receive responses.

We Message Matches and Set Dates For Our Clients


Your dating experts will propose dates based on your availability. Our experts will notify you when these dates are scheduled and a number has been received. Enjoy kicking back and simply being notified when you have a date with beautiful women scheduled!

What Makes Us Different

We Constantly Test Your Profiles

There are many services available that promise secret formulas and instant success when it comes to improving results on dating apps. We've seen most of them, and while there are helpful services out there, we wanted to build a system that produces consistent results and is constantly refined to ensure the best results for our clients. This is why we take an iterative and experimental approach to our client's profiles. 

Using information you provide and proven methods, professional writers create your dating profiles


Dating Experts write tailored messages that have been proven to get responses


Dating Experts manage messages and arrange dates

Our team reviews your results and adjusts your profiles and messaging to matches accordingly

What ParagonDating Can Do For You

  • Deploy a team of dating experts with years of experience and proven success to manage your dating profiles. 

  • Match with high quality women based on your personal preferences.

  • Automate your online dating and avoid spending over 15 hours a week managing multiple dating platforms.

  • Complete optimization of each dating platform/app, and constant profile variable testing to ensure your profiles consistently attract high quality women.

  • Date coaching and first date guidance included!

  • Introduce you to your perfect match so you can leave online dating forever.

Click Get Started and see if Paragon Dating is right for you!

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