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The World's Best Dating AI

The World's Best AI dating assistant is here to make online dating easy. Tailoring every message to you and the conversation, ParagonAI will ensure you always say the right thing!

Personalized AI Response


How ParagonAI Works

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AI Tailored Messaging

Available directly within your browser, ParagonAI will combine information you provide about yourself directly within the chrome extension, the conversation itself, and our proven ParagonDating messaging frameworks  to generate the perfect response. 


Rather than overthinking your response, ParagonAI will ensure the conversation remains engaging while progressing to the point of requesting a date when you're available! 

ParagonAI 1.0 Messaging Features

  • Advanced Auto-Reply: Leverages a custom AI trained on thousands of successful chats, ensuring each message is context-aware, engaging, and aimed at setting up dates.

  • Date Availability Scheduling: Specify your available days for dates, and ParagonAI will smartly schedule meet-ups only within those times.

  • Proactive Auto-Follow Up: Automatically re-engages matches with strategic follow-up messages after two days of silence, keeping the conversation alive.

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