Testing Tinder Photos with Photofeeler

So you’ve just downloaded Tinder and you're hoping to match with women quickly. You start making your profile, and upload photos that you believe will work wonders when women see you profile . You spend a few days swiping on women, and you realize that you're not receiving many likes or matches. What's the problem? Most likely, those photos you uploaded aren't as flattering as you originally thought.

The good news is that there is a great tool that will provide you a data driven process way to find out if your Tinder profile picture will result in high quality women swiping right.

What is Photofeeler?

Photofeeler is a website where you can upload your photos anonymously and receive feedback in the form of voting and ratings from other users. While they’re designed to help you find the perfect Tinder profile picture, they also have social and business categories.

To use Photofeeler, you can either pay a small fee or earn credits by rating photos from other users.

Why You Might Not Be the Best Judge When It Comes to Your Photos

In a recent scientific study published in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, aptly named “Choosing face: The curse of self in profile image selection”, researchers found that we don’t see photos of us in the same way that strangers do.

In short, the photos we think show our most attractive selves are rarely ever chosen by strangers. And, the self-selected photos often scored lower on the same attributes that Photofeeler asks users to vote on. A tool that allows anonymous voting like Photofeeler, will help you understand how to take a good Tinder picture and which photos are best for other dating profiles such as Match, Hinge, Bumble, etc. You'll also learn that Tinder selfies for guys typically don't work well. We've put together a complete guide for taking and selecting your best photos for Tinder and provide tips on how to take a good Tinder Picture, even if you're taking Tinder pictures by yourself.

What is the PhotoFeeler Testing Process?

When you upload a photo to Photofeeler, which is known on the platform as creating a test, you’ll be asked which attributes you want your photo to be judged on based on what you want to use the photo for. These attributes are as follows:

Business (e.g LinkedIn, personal website)

Attributes: Competent, Likeable, Influential

Social (e.g Facebook, Bumble BFF)

Attributes: Confident, Authentic, Fun

Dating (e.g Tinder, Grindr)

Attributes: Smart, Trustworthy, Attractive

Users will then vote on how well these attributes are portrayed you based on your uploaded photo. Each attribute receives a score of between 1-10, and once Photofeeler has collected enough user votes to create a statistically valid average, then it’ll present you with a score for each of those attributes. You can use these scores to determine which of your photos are best for your Tinder profile.

How Does the Voting Process Work?

Once you upload a photo, it’s then sent out to a voting group based on the demographics you’ve chosen for your test. When selecting a demographic, we recommend selecting the age group of women that you're looking to meet. After you’ve received enough votes to fulfil your chosen test size, then your photo will no longer be available to vote on.

When you’ve got enough votes, Photofeeler creates a “confidence interval” for each attribute (Smart, Trustworthy, and Attractive), which represents a range of scores that represents how you are perceived in your photos. You’ll be able to see this at any time during your test, however you will find that more votes will narrow the range of scores represented by the confidence interval.

Assigning Voting Groups

When you upload a photo, you can then select who you want to vote on it. After all, when you’re figuring out how to take a good Tinder picture, then you want people you’re romantically interested in to give you their opinion!

When you create a test, Photofeeler asks which age range and gender/s you want to vote on your picture. This can make the test faster or slower, depending on how many users in your voting group are available to cast their votes.

Select a Test Size

Once you've uploaded your photo, selected your test, assigned your demographics, then choose how many votes you would like to receive on that photo. The test sizes offered are as follows:

Karma Test: Free

Vote on other users’ photos to receive votes in return.

Rough Test: 10 credits = 10 votes

A good option if you want a quick idea about how to take Tinder pictures by yourself.

Standard Test: 20 credits = 20 votes

You’ll get more statistically-relevant results and a better idea on how to take Tinder selfies for guys.

Precise Test: 40 credits = 40 votes

You get more accurate statistically-relevant results.

Very Precise Test: 80 credits = 80 votes

The most accurate test we offer.

Is Photofeeler Free?

Photofeeler is free to use, as you can earn votes on your photos by voting on photos from other users. However, if you’re in a hurry and want to get a test running as soon as possible, you can purchase credits.

What is Photofeeler Karma, and How Does It Work?

You earn Karma by voting on other users’ photos. You can then spend the Karma you earn to set up Karma tests on your photos, which is a great way to start learning how other people interpret you through your photos.

How Many Photos Can I Test on Photofeeler?

If you’re a Karma user, you can only have one test running at a time. If you purchase credits, though, you’ll be able to run multiple tests simultaneously.

Purchasing Credits on Photofeeler

If you want to get a test running ASAP, you can purchase credits at a rate of 1 credit for 1 vote. You can apply these credits to a test that’s already running, or you can start a new one. If you use credits, not only are you guaranteed to receive votes, but you’ll find you get more votes in a shorter amount of time.

Test Results

Once you've received all of your votes, then Photofeeler will compile your overall score. They’ll show you the confidence interval mentioned above, and in Data mode, they’ll show you not only how users voted, but how their voting records reflecting the weight of their vote. A good Photofeeler score is anything above a 5. Photofeeler understands that a score of 5 is average when compared against other people of your age and gender.

You’ll also get to see the Quick Notes and suggestions that users left on your photo. Quick Notes allow a user to select from a pre-determined list of feelings and suggestions, and suggestions allow you to understand how users truly feel about your photo.

Why Does Testing Your Photos Help on Tinder?

When you’re using Tinder, great profile photos are the key to matching with high quality women. Your photos should showcase your most attractive qualities. Using a tool such as Photofeeler, allows you to take a data driven approach to photo selection. You might be biased when selecting your own photos, and your selections most likely aren't the photos that women will find most attractive. Using a tool like Photofeeler allows you to test the success of your Tinder photos, before you ever upload them onto your Tinder profile. You can use Photofeeler for other dating platforms as well. Test your Match profile pictures, Bumble pictures, Hinge, etc.

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