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Complete Facebook Dating Feature Guide 2021

If you’ve given online dating a try with no luck, don’t give up just yet. Facebook recently released its own online dating service – Facebook Dating. The app was created with the pure purpose of helping individuals meet people to establish meaningful relationships.

Currently, the app is only available in 20 countries: all of North America, most of South America, and some parts of Asia. However, it’s being rolled out slowly, so keep checking to see if the option appears on your Facebook!

There are various Facebook Dating features that you can take advantage of to increase your chances of finding the perfect match. Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn more about Facebook Dating.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of the online dating scene, regardless of the platform or app, The Online Dating Mastery Guide is your perfect solution.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Using your Facebook account, you can create a separate dating profile. This profile will only be visible to people who’ve made dating profiles themselves. You can “like” people’s profiles and exchange messages with each other.

Facebook suggests matches based on your profile, your Facebook activity, and even groups and events that you’re a part of. But that’s not all! This Facebook online dating service also has a range of great features that you can take advantage of. We’ve listed these below.

What Features Does Facebook Dating Offer?

Facebook dating is completely free, so all these features are available to everyone.

No Swiping

Unlike other dating apps, you don’t swipe to like a profile on Facebook dating. The swipe feature is instant, leading to people making decisions based on first impressions, usually based on appearances.

Instead, Facebook Dating shows you a profile that you must scroll through, looking at the pictures and ice-breaker questions. Once you reach the end of the profile, you can decide whether you like It or not by clicking a heart or an X.

Secret Crush

This is perhaps our favorite feature of Facebook Dating. The Secret Crush feature allows you to list up to 9 Facebook friends or Instagram followers that you’d want to date. You can add up to one name a day but can remove as many as you want. If any of them opt to use the Facebook dating service, they’ll get a notification that they’re someone’s secret crush.

Facebook won’t name you, though, so don’t worry. If, however, you and your crush both name each other as a secret crush, the app will automatically match the two of you. So, essentially, they’re doing the work for you.

Profile Integration

Facebook Dating also makes it easy to create your profile. You can choose to import any information, such as your first name and age, from your Facebook profile. You can also integrate your Instagram feed into your profile.

Other than these integrations, you can write a brief introduction for yourself. The app also requires you to answer some ice-breaker questions to help people get to know you. This dating service also aims to be entirely inclusive. There are options for trans, cis, and non-binary genders too.

When you sign up for Facebook Dating, Facebook generates your profile for you automatically by looking through your Facebook profile.

Choose Your Dating Pool

Another great feature that Facebook Dating has to offer is the ability to choose your dating pool. Attaching a dating profile to your Facebook can seem risky, but the app doesn’t match you to your friends (unless they’re your secret crush).

Facebook creates your dating pool based on mutual interests. The app can make your profile visible to friends of friends, but you can turn this option off in settings. If you do so, you will only see people you have no connections within your pool.

Worried about Facebook Dating no matches? Don’t be. If you’re feeling unhappy with the results of the app, you can just change your dating pool and try again! You can also choose your pool by different characteristics like location, religion, or physical attributes.

This feature is an excellent option for those of us who’re shy or just don’t want people in our lives to know about our online dating adventures. People who’re blocked from your Facebook will also remain blocked on the app. So, you don’t have to worry about coming across your ex’s profile.

Safety Features

Facebook Dating puts a lot of focus on ensuring the app is safe for everyone to use. When you sign up, the app runs you through some “Safety Tips.” The ‘’Share Your Plans” feature allows you to share details of a date you’re going on with your close friends. You can also share your live location with friends through Facebook Messenger.

The app also keeps your messages with matches separate from Facebook Messenger. It also doesn't allow you to send photos, payments, or files. Since Facebook Dating on the desktop is not available yet, Facebook Dating, along with its safety features, are only available on the mobile app.

Second Look

The Second Look feature allows you to view a profile again. So, if you reject a profile but regret it, don’t worry!


Facebook is bringing Facebook and Instagram stories to the world of online dating. This feature allows you to get to know more about a person. See what they’re doing on vacation or how they’re spending their weekend.

Can You Delete Facebook Dating?

Yes! Deleting Facebook dating is easy. On the app, go to your profile settings, click “Account” and you’ll see an option to delete your profile. Just click on it, answer the questions if you want, and then click “Delete” once again.

If you just need to take a break, you can pause Facebook Dating too. When it’s paused, you won’t be able to match with anyone new. However, you can still chat with your existing matches. To enable this option, just choose the “Take a Break” option in the account section.

Summing Up

Facebook Dating is a new addition to the world of online dating. It comes with a set of great unique features that make it stand out from other dating apps. If Facebook Dating intrigues you, go ahead and give it a shot.

For information on how to take advantage of all online dating apps and succeed in finding the perfect match, you need The Online Dating Mastery Guide for your journey through the dating world.


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