10 Good Tinder Openers and How To Get a Girls Number on Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps to meet local single women. Tinder has shifted away from being known as a 'Hook Up' app and has grown into a very viable option to meet high quality women. When you and a potential match swipe right on each other, you are notified of the match, and the both of you have the ability to send the first message. To increase your chances of having high quality women swipe right on you, you should have a Tinder profile that amplifies your most attractive qualities with great pictures and a great Tinder bio. If you haven't yet, please see our Perfect Dating Profile Guide to help you build a highly attractive Tinder profile. When it comes to messaging your matches on Tinder, you want to put your best foot forward and maximize the potential of women responding to your messages. We have curated 10 Tinder ice breakers that have been tested and proven to initiate engaging conversations with your matches. Feel free to copy and paste these examples into your messages today!

How to break the ice on Tinder

Determining how you would like to break the ice with matches on Tinder can be intimidating and time consuming. The first message is extremely important to improving your chances of connecting with women and starting an engaging conversation that can lead to requesting a date. The good news is that we've conducted the work of testing hundreds of ice breakers on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, and other popular platforms so you don't have to! Your openers on Tinder should contain the following elements:

  • Ask interesting and simple questions: Your Tinder openers should catch the attention of your matches. Avoid long messages up front (save that information for the 1st date!). Keep in mind that your match most likely has multiple conversation threads at any given moment, and ask an interesting and eye catching question to kick start the conversation.

  • Avoid yes/no questions, and focus on your match: Your Tinder opener is an opportunity to start an engaging conversation, and there's nothing that can kill a conversation upfront like asking a question that would be answered with a yes or a no. Read your match's profile for topics to talk about. Ask open ended questions, or ask questions that provide options of answers that your matches can answer. For example you can ask 'I see you enjoy traveling frequently. What are your favorite travel locations' or 'Hey (match name), critical question for you here. Do you prefer beach days or theme parks'?

  • Tailor your message to your audience demographic: If you are messaging matches that are in their 20's, then your first message is a great opportunity to introduce your sense of humor. Ask simple, yet upbeat and playful questions that catch the attention of your matches. This can be as simple as asking ' What makes your Sunday mornings great? Brunch with friends, or guilt free sleeping in?'.If you are messaging an older demographic, then keep in mind that they are most likely using dating apps to partake in a serious relationship, so you should message accordingly. For example you can ask 'what is the most critical element to you for a healthy relationship'

Breaking The Ice - 10 Examples of Messages That Get Responses

Writing good Tinder Openers can be a difficult task that can take a lot of trial and error. To help you avoid spending a large amount of time trying to write the ideal ice breaker, we have provided 10 examples of tinder openers that you can copy and paste to your Tinder messages today.

Example #1- Alexis

You're forced to take a vacation: Which of the three would you choose:

-Tropical resort in Aruba

-Hiking trip in the Himalayas

-3 day food tour in Italy

Example #2- Sarah

Hey Sarah! You seem like the adventurous type. Whats your favorite travel location?

Example #3- Ashley

Hey Ashley! If I were to sit next to you on a plane and see your phone, what song on your playlist would you be most embarrassed by?

Example #4- Jessica

Hey Jessica! What's your favorite thing to do mid-week? Drinks with the girls, aggressive yoga, or perhaps Netflix binging?

Example #5- Samantha

Hey Samantha! What makes your Sunday mornings great? Brunch with friends, or guilt free sleeping in?

Example #6- Courtney

Hey Courtney! Whats your secret talent? Dancing, singing, or aggressive yoga marathons?

Example #7- Emily

Hey Emily! If you could choose one famous person to take a 3 day road trip with. Who would it be?

Example #8 - Aubrey

Hey Aubrey! Whats your biggest fear? Spiders, worms, or the expiration date on a gallon of milk?

Example #9- Liana

Hey Liana! I'd like to learn more about you, so tell me: What's the most crucial thing for a healthy relationship?

Example #10 - Amy

Hey Amy! On a scale from Bobby Flay to Door Dash, how talented are you in the Kitchen?

Bonus Example- Vanessa

Hey Vanessa! You seem like a very ambitious person. Whats your secret? Daily Ted Talks, Early Morning Espressos, a healthy blend of Yoga and Vodka, or....?

How to get a girls number on Tinder

After you've opened the conversation and your matches show interest by responding to your openers, the next question is typically, how do I ask my match for their number and request a date? Your match is most likely only going to entertain the idea of a date, whether its a virtual date, or an person meetup over drinks, if she is genuinely interested. This typically requires an engaging conversation with multiple back and forth messages followed by asking for her number to arrange a date. Following the simple structure referenced below works best when trying to ask for a match's number on Tinder.

  • Sandwich Messaging: This simple structure can provide an easy yet engaging way to help you keep an engaging conversation on Tinder (or on other dating platforms as well as in real life conversations). When messaging your matches, every message you send them should contain a new question. The process for keeping the conversation going is as follows:

- Acknowledge and comment on your matches answer.

- Provide your own answer to the question you've asked your match.

- Ask your match a new question.

  • Suggest swapping numbers and continue in person: After about 6 - 12 messages sent back and forth with your match, it's probably safe to assume that there is interest, and it's a good time to request continuing the conversation in person. Keep it simple when asking, and suggest your next encounter within the request itself. For example you can structure your question like 'While chatting on Tinder is fun, how about swapping numbers and continuing this over coffee or drinks this weekend?' or simply 'How about swapping numbers and continuing this on a virtual date? Getting to know somebody in person works better at any rate. Tell me what you think!'


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