Coffee Meets Bagel Feature Guide 2020

The world of online dating is growing everyday, with new dating apps hitting the market all of the time. One very popular app that was even seen on Shark Tank is Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB). The name’s pretty interesting, we know. We've created this complete guide explaining every useful feature in Coffee Meets Bagel so you can better understand if CMB is the best app for you and your relationship goals.

What is a Bagel in CMB?

Potential matches in CoffeeMeetsBagel are referred to as 'Bagels". Liking a woman on this dating app is known as 'Taking' a bagel. You can take bagels in the ‘Suggested’ or ‘Discover’ sections of the app.

What is a Coffee in CMB?

You are! The user looking for matches is known as the coffee.

Free CMB Features

Listed below are all of the main features that you receive in the free version of CMB.

CMB sends you two bagels to take each day in suggested

In the free version, CMB will send you 2 bagels each day around noon. You will find these suggested bagels within the 'Suggested' section of the app. You can choose to like (take) or dislike your suggested bagels.

See who likes you.

CMB also lets you see recent bagels that have liked you, for free! You can take these bagels without having to spend any beans (CMB beans are explained below).

Receive three free likes periodically

You’ll get three likes for free! You can like bagels that show up in your 'Discover' tab. Likes typically cost beans, the in-app currency, but Coffee Meets Bagel will periodically provide you with a few additional free likes for free.

Chat with matches

If you take a bagel and match with someone, you’ll get the chance to chat with them at no cost. The chat will only remain open for 8 days unless you and your match both agree to extend the conversation.

Coffee Meets Bagel Premium Subscription Pricing

Listed below is the pricing for a premium CMB subscription as well as all of the main features that you receive with the Coffee Meets Bagel Premium Subscription.

CMB Subscription Pricing Packages

Pricing for Coffee Meets Bagel is as follows:

CMB offers three different pricing packages you can opt for:

  • $120 for 6 Months ($20 per month)

  • $75 for 3 Months ($25 per month)

  • $35 for 1 Month

Coffee Meets Bagel Subscriber Benefits and Features

See everyone who likes you.

If you get a CMB subscription, you’ll be able to see everyone who’s liked your profile. You'll see each bagel's profile and a notification that she likes you. You can view who has likes you within the Discover take section of the app.

8 Takes in Discover

With a CMB subscription, you also get eight free takes (likes) to use in discover mode whenever you see a profile you like.

Activity Reports

This report updates every 24 hours and is based on your most recent ten connections. With a CMB subscription, you can view other member's activity reports. According to CMB, Activity Reports are generated based off of a bagels 15 most recent connections. Activity reports will tell you:

  • Chats with Bagels: how many times a bagel has sent at least one message divided by their total number of matches.

  • Sends first message: The total number of chats where the bagel sent the first message divided by the total number of matches.

  • Active within 72 hours: Whether this bagel has used the CMB app within the past 72 hours.

  • Usually replies within: The bagels average response time to messages in the chat section.

Read Receipts

This feature lets you know when your messages have been read, so you don't have to sit in anticipation!

Unlimited Skip The Line 15% more beans

With this, CMB will put your profile at the front of a popular match’s queue.

15% More Beans

For every purchase you make, you’ll get 15% more CMB beans.

Creating a CMB Profile

We've listed every preference/filter CMB users can add when creating a Coffee Meets Bagel profile below

Set Bagel Preferences

You can set your specific preferences that determine the type women that you will receive when CMB sends you suggested bagels each day, as well as the types of women that you will see within the Discover Mode. Preferences that can be updated within your profile settings are as follows:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Height

  • Distance

  • Ethnicity

  • Religion

CMB Profile Prompts and Photos

Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to upload up to 9 photos to your profile. Your profile also consists of multiple prompts, such as “I like” or “I am,” that you can use to describe yourself and your most attractive qualities. You can add up to 5 prompts to your CMB profile. These prompts give you the opportunity to show your creative side and stand out from every other profile. Each prompt only allows you to enter 276 characters, so choose wisely!

The best coffee meets bagel profiles have fantastic prompt answers. These don’t have to be serious life reflections, but instead you should showcase your most attractive traits. Focus on describing your occupation, interests, what you do to stay active, while also showing off your sense of humor. If you’re struggling, here are some great 'I am' and ' I like' Coffee Meets Bagel profile examples.

CMB Profile Details

You will also have to add your own personal details, which will be visible to other people on the app. These details include:

  • Age

  • Location

  • Ethnicity

  • Height

  • Religion

  • Job Title

  • Employer

  • School

  • Degree

  • Kids

  • Smoking

  • Family Plans

What are CMB Icebreakers?

CoffeeMeetsBagel Icebreakers are messages that you can write ahead of time and apply to your profile, and when you connect with a bagel, CMB will automatically send your icebreakers to your bagels within the chat. Icebreakers should be interesting or fun facts about yourself that are hidden from your profile, and will only be used in chats when you connect with a bagel. We recommend applying 3 fun experiences for your icebreakers, which create interest , so your bagels have something to ask about when/if sending the first message in Coffee Meets Bagel.

How Does CMB Suggested Work?

Every day, at approximately noon, CMB's algorithm picks a limited number of profiles for you to view in the Suggested tab. You can view these profiles and like them or pass on them. If you like a bagel which has already liked you, it's a match, and you guys can start chatting!

The number of matches you’re shown is not a constant number. It’s dependent on you’re the preferences you’ve set, among other factors.

Sending A Message With Your Like

If the bagel you like has not already liked you (you'll be able to tell from the banner at the bottom of their photo), you have the option of sending them a message with your like! The coffee meets bagel's first message is important if you wish to stand out.

We recommend sending your bagel a compliment or asking them a question about something they have presented on their profile! In Coffee Meets Bagel, you'll want to stand out when you send your first ice breaker, so don't pass on a great opportunity to start a conversation by simply saying 'hi.' Be more interesting!

What Is CMB Discover And How Does It Work?

CMB's discover features allow you to see bagels that you can take that may meet some or none of your preferences, and so don't appear in Suggested. You can use additional filters here such as Age, Height, Distance, Ethnicity, Religion, Educational Level, as well as if they have been active in the last 72 hours.

Each bagel within discover, costs 385 CMB beans to send a like (take). As mentioned above, CMB will occasionally provide free takes in your discover section.

What is the CMB chat expiration period?

All chats are available to you, for eight days. After that, the chat only stays open if the conversation is active, meaning that both people have sent at least one message in the last three days. If both parties agree, the conversation can be extended for three additional days.

Extending Chats

If the chat closes, you can extend it for 30 days using Coffee Meets Bagel Beans. One chat extension costs 199 CMB beans.

What are CMB Beans?

We’ve been talking a lot about CMB beans, but what exactly are they? Coffee meets bagel beans are the in-app currency used to purchase features like read recipients, chat extensions, and activity reports.

Earning more beans

Here’s how you can earn more CMB beans for free:

  • You get a minimum of 10 coffee meets bagel beans per day by just logging in. If you log in for consecutive days, this number keeps increasing.

  • Inviting members onto the app can earn you beans.

  • Referring a friend gets you 500 CMB beans.

  • Following CMB on social media will get you 200 beans.

The CMB Beans Shop

You can also purchase beans! Here’s the Coffee Meets Bagel pricing for CMB beans:

  • 3000 beans - $24.99

  • 2000 beans - $23.99

  • 100 beans - $1.99

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