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The Perfect Tinder Openers If You Want To Date The Top 1% Of Women On Tinder

The 3 Most Common Tinder Openers Mistakes

Mistake #1: You Don't Message First

Mistake #2: You Don't Generate Interest

Mistake #3: You Send Too Much Too Quickly


Many guys make the mistake of never making the first move. You always need to send the first message, and hoping that women will message you first rarely works. The only exception is to build a bio that encourages women reading your profile to message you first. You can learn more on how to build irresistible bios in our FREE Tinder Mastery Guide below.

Most men on Tinder make the mistake of sending a generic and boring opener. This is a sure way to be immediately ghosted by women. Highly attractive women on Tinder receive thousands of messages from men, so if you're sending boring messages like "Hey" or "How are you", then you're not building interest with your match, and you will be most likely ignored.

While not messaging your matches, or sending short and uninteresting openers can ensure you'll be ignored by women, the same holds true if you blow up your matches inbox with extremely long messages that are too aggressive too quickly. Sending heavy messages filled with compliments, complicated questions, or if you're too aggressive sexually, will result in your matches ignoring you.

The Proven Formula For Perfect Tinder Openers And Date Generating Conversations

4 Messages That Will 10x Your Dates:

Either-Or Openers

Cherry Picking Messages

Sandwich Messages

​Requesting the Date


Eliminate Ghosting Forever With The Either-Or Opener

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The 'Either-Or' Opener

One of the most effective types of openers to be used on Tinder is known as the Either-Or opener. This type of icebreaker is conducted by structuring a question to a match and provides them a set of options to answer your question. Either-Or questions allow you to ask your matches a question regarding interesting topics, while making it extremely easy to answer your question. 


We have seen that the majority of responses  from women not only answer the question but often provide in- depth explanations of why they answered the way they did,  without you having to ask a follow-up. You can use this framework to help ask questions relevant to different  observations made from your match’s profile photos or bio, or to ask generally interesting/entertaining questions that are easy to answer to get the conversation started. 

How To Perfect The Conversation After The Opener

Never Run Out Of Things To Say With Cherry Picking

Building Interest Using Sandwhich Messaging

Learn How/When To Close
The Date


Receive These Proven Openers, Message Examples, and Our Complete Tinder Message Guide.....FOR FREE!

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Receive The Best Tinder Bios That Women Will Love...For Free!

Receive 6 FREE Tinder Bio Templates Within The 2021 Tinder Mastery Guide Today!

Tinder Openers 2

Receive Your FREE Tinder Message Guide!

Start Dating More Women On Tinder Today

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What Else Is Inside This FREE
Tinder Mastery Guide?

Section #1: Perfect Tinder Bios For Guys

Inside the Tinder Bio For Guys 2021 Mastery Guide, You Will Learn How To Write Highly Attractive Bios That Result In 99+ Likes

6 Pre-Written Tinder Bio Templates: Receive 6 Field Tested Tinder Bios that you can update and paste directly on your profile.  

​Creating Tinder Bios For Casual Dating: You'll learn how to write your bios to demonstrate sexual confidence and attract more women interested in casual dating. Examples that you can copy included!

​The Secrets To Writing a Successful Tinder Bio: Learn how to capture an attractive tone on your Tinder bio that will demonstrate confidence to attractive women.

The ParagonDating Tinder Bio Formula: You'll receive the ParagonDating bio formula for quickly writing high value bios that attract the top 1% of women on Tinder, and cause them to message you first! Examples that you can copy included!

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Section #2: Tinder Profile Photo Mastery


The Three Photos That Result In 99+ Likes: We will provide you the three photos that will catch the attention of beautiful women and separate yourself from the sea of competition on Tinder. Examples included!  

Learn How To Use Tinder Loops To Dramatically Increase Your Matches: Perhaps the most underestimated feature on Tinder, You will learn the best practices for how to utilize Tinder Loops to add highly attractive videos to your profile.

Section #3: Tinder Message Mastery

The Only Tinder Opener You'll Ever Need: You'll learn how to quickly build interest with your first message, and avoid being ghosted by high quality women on Tinder. Example messages included! 

Master Tinder Banter: You'll receive the two conversational techniques that ensure your conversations on Tinder never go stale and continue to progress to in-person dates. Example conversations included!

​How To Close Dates: We will teach you when and how to easily request numbers from matches to close more dates on Tinder.


Section #4: Tinder Feature Mastery


Important Tinder Features Breakdown: You will learn which Tinder features are important, and how to take advantage of them. 

When To Upgrade And Pay For Tinder Features: You will learn when the best time is to upgrade your Tinder profile and pay for services like Tinder Platinum and when to use Tinder Boosts for receiving the best results.

What To Do If You're Not Receiving Matches: We provide you step by step advice on how to course correct if you're currently not receiving consistent matches on Tinder.

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