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7 Unique Tips To Create a Good Dating Profile For Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid

7 Unique Tips To Create a Good Dating Profile For Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid

It can be challenging to meet someone we connect with naturally – we all want to believe that we might meet “the one” while out on a coffee run, but life is not a rom-com! However, online dating and dating apps can be a fantastic source of success for the modern single man when they know how to go about it.

Here are 7 impactful ways to level up your dating potential online:

1) Photos and How To Take a Good Dating Profile Picture. First impressions are key in any dating chapter and, with any dating app, it is the photos that catches the eye of potential matches. If your photos are not showing your most attractive qualities, then you may struggle to find success meeting great matches on these dating platforms. Next time you go out, ask a trusted friend to take well-lit shots of you in surroundings that make you feel happy and relaxed.

Attempt to take pictures during sunset or sunrise (also known as the ‘Golden Hours’), as this portrays the best natural lighting and warm colors. Focus on capturing pictures from the chest up where your head sits about 10% lower than the top of the picture. According to match research, an image of you laughing is always a winner when it comes to getting matches!

1) Tinder Picture Tips

· If you have a dog, take a picture with your furry friend!

· Capture pictures of yourself on your next adventure, enjoying your hobbies, or being active outside (playing sports, hiking, etc.).

· Capture yourself in your best light and provide a variety of pictures ranging from headshots to candids of you enjoying life!

Tinder Picture Tips

2) Do Some Market Research. We know that staring at a blank bio can be intimidating – it’s always difficult knowing what to say and where to say it. Before writing anything, check out the profiles of other daters that have found success on each platform. Why reinvent the wheel if you can capture some inspiration from profiles that exhibit great results?

Understanding the best practices and applying them to your dating profiles will allow you achieve more success on each dating platform. ParagonDating has tested hundreds of profile pictures, bios, and messages, so you do not have to. Hire a team of experts to manage your online dating apps and start improving your dating results.

3) Invest In Yourself. We have all spent money on a hobby we love and an educational field we want to pursue, so why not apply the same investment approach to your dating life? If you are struggling with taking high quality photos, then hire a photographer to follow you around town for a day. If you are having trouble initiating engaging conversations online or are frustrated at your low match rate, hire dating professionals to provide guidance or automate that part of the process for you. Additional investments to consider are to speak to a relationship coach for any in person date hang ups, dating profile audits with an expert, or shell out for the premium version of the dating website you like most. It could be the best investment you’ll make this year.

4) Create A ‘Swipe Right’ Bio. If you are not sure how to make a good Tinder or Bumble profile or are struggling to transform your OKCupid page from average to amazing, listen closely. There are two ingredients you might be missing that could change everything – simplicity and positivity! Negativity is a major turn off and will deter singles from giving you the time you deserve. Save the dry wit and the deep existential reflections for later dates. For now, keep your profile positive and specific to increase your chances of getting a meetup!

1) OKCupid Tips For a Great Bio

1) When it comes to creating an engaging OKCupid profile, make sure you are showcasing your best qualities in an interesting way. When writing bios on OkCupid, include the following topics:

· Describe your occupation in an interesting way.

· Describe your hobbies/interests/ accomplishments.

· Focus on showing and not telling. Saying you ‘enjoy surfing on select California beaches followed by sipping Pina Coladas on the weekends’, paints a much better picture than saying, ‘I’m an active person.”

5) Listen Only to Reliable Sources. While many of your friends may believe they are experts on apps like Tinder or Bumble, we recommend asking the experts on what works well for the best performing dating profiles and what can be replicated on your profile to improve your success. Dating is confusing enough at times without complicating matters by absorbing too many outside opinions. Identify websites and support sources that will genuinely help you to move forward in your dating journey. ParagonDating has a team of experts who are ready to improve your dating results!

6) Use The Power Of Speech To Help You. PlentyofFish examined 1.2 million profiles and found that using keywords such as ‘love’ and ‘relationship’ helped users find match success. Other success magnets were ‘confidence’, ‘passion’, ‘dedication’, ‘planning’, and ‘amped’. Remember how we covered the importance of positivity in tip number 4? This is your evidence. Let linguistics become your language of love with smart and positive writing. Bonus Tip: ‘Puppies’ has also had a lot of success!

7) Be Forgiving. Dating is a journey. Just because you haven’t found your dream date yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. This also applies to the profiles you are choosing to match with; bear in mind that there is a human being on the other side of the profile who is going on the same journey as you. Try not to discard potential matches due to one disagreement point you may find. Give people a chance – you never know what potential relationships you are missing out on when you engage in hasty left swipes.

8) Bonus: How To Make a Good Bumble Profile

1) Great Photos are Key

1) Provide a variety of dating profile photos including candid headshots, photos of you enjoying your favorite hobbies, hanging out with your dog, and demonstrating that you are active. Photos are your life source in Bumble, so skip the group photos in favor of have high quality photos that focus on YOU.

2) A Good Bumble Bio

1) Demonstrate your willingness to learn about your date by using your profile to describe who you are looking for and the qualities you appreciate in someone. 70% of your profile should be about you, your occupation, and your interests/hobbies. 30% of your profile should be focused on what you are looking for in a match, and ideally gives a reason for a match to message you first!

How To Make a Good Bumble Profile

3) Keep Match Conversations Engaging

1) Use each message you send on Bumble as an opportunity to teach your match something about yourself as well as to learn something new about your match. Review their profile (yes, read them) and use their talking points to cherry pick topics to ask about. After 6-12 consistent messages, assume there is genuine interest and suggest meeting in person.

Remember: Do not lose sight of the fact that you are an incredible person with a wealth of attractive traits and gifts to offer someone. Your time is immensely valuable. Spend it wisely with those who will appreciate who you really are.


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