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The #1 Online Dating Team

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Are You Ready to transform

Your Dating Results Today?

The ParagonDating Team Is Ready To Completely Manage Your Online Dating For You!

Deploy The ParagonDating Team To Your Dating Profiles And Start Connecting With And Date The Top 1% of Women On Apps Like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, and More.

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Date For You

We Create Your Profiles, Match You With High Quality Women, Send Ice Breakers, And Manage The Conversation To The Point Where A Date Is Scheduled!


You Receive Perfect Dating Profiles On Major Dating Platforms

We select your best photos and deploy a team of professional writers to craft a perfect dating profile that will place you into the top 10% of dating profiles. Your profile will catch the attention of high quality women and dramatically increase the amount of matches you receive.


We Manage Your Conversations

Your dating experts will send tailored messages to women based on your personality and interests, while using proven methods proven to receive responses. We manage the flirting and banter for you, freeing you from spending hours on dating apps, and ensuring you never have to experience being ghosted again!


We Connect You With Hundreds Of Women For You

Your team of dating experts will immediately connect with high quality women, based on your preferences, on all of your favorite dating platforms. They will swipe and send likes to women based on your personal preferences on all of your favorite dating platforms.


We Send Dates To You!

Your assigned dating expert will propose dates with high quality women based on your availability. Our experts will notify you when these dates are scheduled and a number has been received. Enjoy kicking back and simply being notified when you have a date with beautiful women scheduled!

What To Expect

Receive a team of dating experts with years of experience and proven success to manage your dating profiles.

Automate your online dating and avoid spending over 15 hours a week managing multiple dating platforms.

Match with high quality women based on your personal preferences.

Complete optimization of each dating platform/app, and constant profile variable testing to ensure your profiles consistently attract high quality women.

What Makes ParagonDating Different?

We at ParagonDating, consisting of dating experts, technologists, professional writers, and dating app enthusiasts, take an experimental and iterative approach to every client to ensure optimal results. 


We apply our proven practices upon onboarding, and continue to make calculated adjustments to your profiles and conversations to maximize your success. 

Are You Prepared For Cuffing Season?
Couple Laughing

As we close out the 2021 Summer of Love, we're now moving into Cuffing Season. While this summer included a dramatic increase in casual dating, the majority of dating app users are now looking to make meaningful connections this fall. 

Match CEO, Hesam Hosseini, has claimed that 'we're going to see the biggest cuffing season ever'


So what does this mean for you? Cuffing season is the time of year when 'single people begin looking for short term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year'.

2021 has been exploded with increased usage on virtually every dating app, with men and women pursuing casual, short-term, and long-term dating goals. 

So What Does This Mean For You?

This fall is one of the biggest opportunities to establish meaningful connections with high quality women for short-term and long-term relationships. Women are heavily utilizing dating aps to meet men this year, and this means if you are well positioned on the most popular dating apps, you will have an un-fair advantage to dating high quality women that check all of your boxes. The team here at ParagonDating is here to ensure you find a massive amount of success this fall to connecting with and dating the highest quality of women. 

This "Date For You" Service Is Ideal For....

Men That Live In or Near Major Populated Cities


Automation Lovers. We Put Your Dating On Auto-Pilot


Professionals And Entrepreneurs That Don't Have The Time To Manage Multiple Dating Platforms


Recently Single Men Looking To Move On From Their Past Relationship


Single Men That Have Struggled To Meet High Quality Women And Are Ready To Try Something New


Single Men That Travel Frequently And Want Dates Scheduled At Their Destinations In Advance

Get Everything You Need to Date Girlfriend Quality Women As Early As This Weekend....
We Support All Major Dating Platforms

Dating App Recommendations

During onboarding, our team of dating experts will provide recommendations on which dating platforms would best meet your relationship goals. We consider your relationship goals (short-term, long term, casual, etc.) your location, age and demographics, and other criteria, to provide the optimal dating apps/platforms that will meet your needs.

Profile Writing Service Included

Upon selecting your ideal dating platforms, our team of professional writers will craft highly attractive and tailored profiles for every dating platform we will manage for you! After creating thousands of profiles, our writers know exactly what works best, and we continue to improve your profiles overtime to optimize results!

Live A Lifestyle Only The Top 10% Of Men Experience

The top 10% of men on dating apps experience a much different dating life than the remaining 90%. The ParagonDating team is here to completely transform your online dating results, and ensure you are one of the most sought after men on popular dating apps. Imagine matching with the most beautiful women on dating apps, and having dates scheduled with those women, without having to do anything! 


Hire the ParagonDating team to create a lifestyle of dating high quality women today!

Plus You Will Also Receive....

The Online Dating Mastery Guide

We have curated our dating expert team's best practices for creating highly attractive profiles, taking and selecting photos that will attract the top 1% of women on dating apps, as well as a complete guide on messaging women, from the first message to requesting the date. You'll receive this Online Dating Mastery Guide for FREE when you subscribe to the Date For You service.

Instant Tinder and Bumble Success Guide.png
Tinder Mastery Guide 2021 ebook enlarged.png

Expert Dating Profile Photo Selection and Testing

Your photos are the most important aspect of your dating profiles. Selecting attractive photos is critical to matching with high quality women on any dating app. The team at ParagonDating will place all of your photos into our selection and testing process, to determine which photos will perform best. We will compare all photos against each other using a combination of our proprietary processes and common tools, such as Photofeeler, to determine your most attractive photos to be uploaded to your dating profiles. 

Tailored Photography Action Plan

Included with your Date For You subscription, your team of dating experts will put together a tailored photography action plan to help guide you on what types of photos would best improve your dating profile and overall results. All action plans consist of proven and simple photo ideas that can be accomplished by a professional,  the help of a friend, or with the simple help of a tri-pod. 


In-Person and Virtual First Date Coaching

Want to make sure you crush it on your first date? You'll receive a tailored coaching session from your team of dating experts on how to go into your first date with matches with a high amount of confidence and a bulletproof game plan to ensure the date goes smoothly. We provide guidance on ideal first date venues, conversational topic guidance to ensure the date never goes stale, as well as what NOT to do, to ensure you make it to the second date. We also provide tailored coaching for virtual dates as more women now prefer to meet virtually first before meeting in person. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

“The team did an amazing job creating my profiles. I thought they were going to provide cookie cutter profile bios, but I was extremely impressed by the level of detail put into my bios. After a few weeks of using this service, I had over 50 active conversations and multiple dates scheduled each week. Highly recommend.”

Josh (San Francisco)


“They offer an amazing service, and they have turned dating apps into a science. The best part of working with the team at ParagonDating is that you work with real people that actually care about your results. You can tell they are invested in the success of their clients, and because of that I've met great women through this service”

Eduardo (Atlanta)


“My dating assistant is an absolute master when it comes to banter on Tinder and Bumble. I struggled with keeping up with conversations and actually closing dates on Tinder, but my dating assistant is basically the Hitch of Tinder. Every conversation is witty, but they are all based on me. It's online flirting on auto pilot. I'll continue to use this service until I'm ready to settle down.”

Robert (New York)


“Amazing work month after month. I have monthly reviews with my dating team, and with their suggestions, I was able to work with a photographer to take great photos that combined with the profiles the team created for me, have resulted in a ton of great matches on multiple apps. They manage my profiles, but I love the consultative nature of working with my team. Even if it's just to get started, I highly recommend hiring this team.”

Logan (Miami)

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