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The Perfect Tinder Bios If You Want To Match With The Top 1% Of Women On Tinder


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Why Women Are Swiping Left On Your Profile


Mistake #1: Ignoring The Tinder Bio 

Mistake #2: The Tinder Bio Is Boring

Mistake #3: The Tinder Bio Is Too Try-Hard

The number one mistake guys make is to completely ignore their Tinder bios and leave it blank. Blank bios receive 4x fewer matches. Women spend time reviewing each profile, so don't make this mistake!

Women spend a significant amount of time reviewing guy's tinder bios before swiping right. If your bio is boring and does not showcase your most attractive qualities, you're not going to stand out from the competition, and you won't receive many likes.

If your Tinder bio comes across as extremely Try Hard, then you're going to look desperate to match with women. You want to showcase your most attractive qualities in your Tinder bios without bragging and listing all of your accomplishments, while also demonstrating a strong sense of humor.

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The Proven Formula For Tinder Bios That Receive 99+ Likes

The ParagonDating Formula

Provide An Interesting Hook

Describe your occupation in an exciting or interesting way

Describe hobbies and interests in an interesting way

Provide a call-to-action to your potential matches

Example Tinder Bio That Has Received 99+ Likes

Bio Formula Example.png

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Receive 3 Copy/Paste Tinder Bios Designed For Casual Dating... FOR FREE


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Tinder Bios Form

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What Else Is Inside This FREE
Tinder Mastery Guide?

Section #1: Perfect Tinder Bios For Guys

Inside the Tinder Bio For Guys 2021 Mastery Guide, You Will Learn How To Write Highly Attractive Bios That Result In 99+ Likes

6 Pre-Written Tinder Bio Templates: Receive 6 Field Tested Tinder Bios that you can update and paste directly on your profile.  

​Creating Tinder Bios For Casual Dating: You'll learn how to write your bios to demonstrate sexual confidence and attract more women interested in casual dating. Examples that you can copy included!

​The Secrets To Writing a Successful Tinder Bio: Learn how to capture an attractive tone on your Tinder bio that will demonstrate confidence to attractive women.

The ParagonDating Tinder Bio Formula: You'll receive the ParagonDating bio formula for quickly writing high value bios that attract the top 1% of women on Tinder, and cause them to message you first! Examples that you can copy included!

Profile Bios.png

Bonus Section #1: Tinder Profile Photo Mastery


The Three Photos That Result In 99+ Likes: We will provide you the three photos that will catch the attention of beautiful women and separate yourself from the sea of competition on Tinder. Examples included!  

Learn How To Use Tinder Loops To Dramatically Increase Your Matches: Perhaps the most underestimated feature on Tinder, You will learn the best practices for how to utilize Tinder Loops to add highly attractive videos to your profile.

Bonus Section #2: Tinder Message Mastery

The Only Tinder Opener You'll Ever Need: You'll learn how to quickly build interest with your first message, and avoid being ghosted by high quality women on Tinder. Example messages included! 

Master Tinder Banter: You'll receive the two conversational techniques that ensure your conversations on Tinder never go stale and continue to progress to in-person dates. Example conversations included!

​How To Close Dates: We will teach you when and how to easily request numbers from matches to close more dates on Tinder.


Bonus Section #3: Tinder Feature Mastery


Important Tinder Features Breakdown: You will learn which Tinder features are important, and how to take advantage of them. 

When To Upgrade And Pay For Tinder Features: You will learn when the best time is to upgrade your Tinder profile and pay for services like Tinder Platinum and when to use Tinder Boosts for receiving the best results.

What To Do If You're Not Receiving Matches: We provide you step by step advice on how to course correct if you're currently not receiving consistent matches on Tinder.

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