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Want to meet high quality matches and automate your online dating?

ParagonDating Is Here To Manage and Automate Your Dating Profiles

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- Proven Results - 


Are you struggling to match with high quality women? Would you like to improve your online dating results so you can leave online dating forever?


Online dating can can be difficult. While dating apps have become the best way to connect and meet with high quality local women, they have introduced a large field of competition for men. ParagonDating is here to completely improve and manage your online dating profiles to ensure you stick out from the competition.


 If you're reading this, you're probably a very impressive individual, and our dating assistants are here to ensure your best self is captured and showcased on your favorite dating platforms. Using our proven process, we'll connect you with highly desired local women. Want to put your online dating profile on steroids so you can leave online dating forever? Let's Get Started.


Perfect Profile Creation

We select your best photos. Then using information you provide in the Get To Know You Survey, your assigned dating expert will create amazing dating profiles and engaging biographies, showcasing your most attractive traits and experiences.

The ParagonDating Process



Your assigned dating expert will swipe, like, and proactively message high quality individuals based on your preferences. Using a personalized tone established by the information you provide them upfront, they will manage conversations with your matches.


Messaging & Date Scheduling

Your assigned dating expert will propose dates based on your availability. Our experts will notify you when these dates are scheduled and a number has been received. They are happy and are flexible if you would like to message and schedule dates with matches in parallel.

Our Process Anchor

David, Tampa FL

I used ParagonDating for my Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder profiles. Once my profiles were created and they selected my best photos, I had over 20 conversations in flight with matches in one week! Once my dating assistant started messaging my matches, I had over 10 dates scheduled in three weeks. This service is an absolute game changer.


Mark, L.A CA

This service is incredible. I was having trouble spending time managing multiple apps trying to set up potential dates. ParagonDating managed my preferred apps and produced results in a matter of weeks. I had too many conversations going to keep up with, by my dating assistant handled the entire process. They always kept my schedule in mind and because of this service I'm happily in a great relationship.


Jesse, Miami FL

I continue to use ParagonDating. I didn't have the time to manage multiple dating apps and I know each app puts most guys against terrible odds due to so many guys using them. My dating assistant works everyday to match me with beautiful women and is relentless when it comes to scheduling dates. I love this service and continue to go on multiple dates a week. I highly recommend folks give it a try.

Introducing ParagonDating

See what ParagonDating can do for you in 60 seconds.
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