Complete Hinge Profile Guide 2020

Complete Hinge Profile Guide 2020. This article includes Hinge Profile Examples, Best Hinge Profiles, how to write a Hinge bio, sample Hinge profiles, great Hinge profile ideas, and how to create one of the best hinge profiles on the app.

Hinge in 2020

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps when it comes to finding long-term relationships. Hinge has built a variety of great dating profile features and has branded their app to help singles connect in person, claiming the app was designed to be deleted, with the goal of eventually finding a long-term relationship. This Hinge guide has been created to provide you everything you need to create an amazing profile, filled with Hinge profile photos and Hinge prompt examples that you can copy and apply to your own profile today. We've laid out below every necessary step to create good Hinge profiles and have packed this article with great Hinge profile ideas such as the types of photos to be utilized on Hinge, as well 8 Hinge prompt answers that you can copy and paste to your bio today.

We have also built a complete 2020 Hinge Feature Review Guide that provides in an-depth analysis on Hinge, reviewing every feature made available on the free and paid version of the app, providing in-depth photo data to further help you select the best photos to be applied to Hinge, as well as much more.

Creating an attractive profile on Hinge Step by Step

Hinge, similar to other popular dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, allows you to upload photos to your profile and provide personal information such as physical traits, educational background, political affiliations, and much more. A unique characteristic of the app, is the ability to select up to three pre-written Hinge prompts for your profile where you provide answers that describes different aspects of yourself. Hinge also allows users to select pre-written prompt answers to enhance their photos that act as ice breaker topics when sending initial messages.

Step 1: Complete the Hinge Virtues, Vitals, and Vices sections of your profile:

Hinge Profile Virtues, Vitals, and Vices: Hinge allows users to provide personal demographic, physical, educational, occupational, political, and other information that will be displayed on their dating profiles. Hinge organizes this personal information into three categories; My Virtues, My Vitals, My Vices.

My Virtues: The My Virtues section allows members to include their Employer's name, job title, school attended, education level, religious beliefs, hometown, and political beliefs.

My Vitals: The My Vitals section allows members to include their name, gender, age, height current location, ethnicity, whether they have children, and their future family plans.

Hinge Bio Tip: Add an inch or two to your height if your're under 6 foot: OKCupid analysed their male users height distribution, and concluded that men universally add a up to two inches to their height natural height. This is consistent across all dating platforms including the Hinge App. That means the competition is overstating their actual height, making it harder for the guys who are truthfully representing themselves. To avoid the disadvantage, we recommended, if you are under 6 foot, that you add an inch or two to your reported height on your profile. To be fair, with most dress shoes and athletic wear, you will have the added inches you're reporting. There is a direct correlation between your height and your perceived attractiveness, so if you're under 6 foot, add an inch or two, and avoid the disadvantage provided by other guys doing the same.

Hinge Feature Tip: Use Desired Location When Traveling: Hinge makes available the ability to set a desired location, similar to the Tinder Passport feature, for free. This feature should be utilized if you travel often, or have a trip planned in the near future, and you are looking to schedule dates in your desired location. We recommend that you utilize this feature at least a week ahead of your trip to start gathering matches and giving yourself enough time to message those matches to arrange dates while you are in your trip location. We've written a complete guide to messaging on Hinge to help you increase the amount of dates you schedule in advance.

My Vices: Allows users to include their participation and frequency for drinking, smoking, whether they use marijuana, and drug usage. Use common sense when completing this section. Heavy drug usage and smoking are immediate turn offs to women, so keep this in mind when electing to display your different vices on your profile.

Step 2: Upload Attractive Hinge Photos That Tell a Story

Similar to other dating apps, your Hinge photos should tell a story that showcases your most attractive traits. Your photo line up should provide a variety of high quality photos taken from a high quality camera. You want to ensure your photos aren't blurry and that each photo clearly captures your face. Most modern phones can achieve this, but if you currently lack high quality photos, it is recommended to hire a professional photographer to build an initial inventory of well taken photos.

What Types of Photos Should be Included in Your Hinge Profile

Hinge has conducted an analysis of their members profiles to determine what types of photos result in the most likes on the platform. The results of this analysis, reported by HingeIRL, can help you determine which photos to select when building your profile. Details are included within the info-graphic below:

Hinge Profile Photo Examples. Best photo practices to create the Best Hinge Profiles. What works well on Hinge photos, and what you should include in your Hinge Bio photos. Answers to commonly asked hinge profile questions, such as should I wear sunglasses, take selfies, and should i smile without teeth? Photo tips to create good hinge profiles.

Hinge Profile Photo Examples

Based on the data reported by HingeIRL and results that the dating expert team at ParagonDating has received, we have provided a variety of photo examples to replicate within your own Hinge profile.

Picture Idea #1: Personal Portrait Shot

Hinge Profile Photos Example #1. Portrait photos. Portrait photos should be used to create good hinge profiles. Hinge profile idea #1 is to capture a photo from your chest up. This is a sample hinge profile photo that can be used on a hinge bio.

According to Hinge, you're 102% more likely to receive a like when you display a photo looking ahead. You're 11% more likely to receive a like when standing alone, and 43% more likely to receive a like when you smile without teeth. Your portrait shot should be taken from the chest up, with 10% of space between your head and the top of your photo.

Picture Idea #2: Sports Action Shot

Hinge Profile Photos Example #2. Sports photos. Sports photos should be used to create good hinge profiles. Hinge profile idea #2 is to capture a photo while playing your favorite sports. This is a sample hinge profile photo that can be used on a hinge bio.

According to Hinge, you are 45% more likely to receive a like when participating in sports in your photos. This is a great way to show off your attractive competitive side, while also candidly showing off your body if you'd like. This photo should be a candid shot, and should clearly show your face. Do not take gym selfies! Selfies are 40% less likely to receive a like on Hinge, and most guys that workout will make this mistake. Women do not want to see a feed full of gym selfies, so stick out from the competition by demonstrating sports or activities that you're interested in, while also displaying your hard work in the gym in a candid fashion.

Picture Idea #3: Take A Picture With Your Dog

Hinge Profile Photos Example #3 Take photos with a dog. To create the best Hinge profiles, you should take a photo with your furry friend. Including your dog in your Hinge bio is an easy way to receive likes. Test your different photos and Hinge profile ideas to see what works best. Include a dog to create great hinge profiles.

Whether you have a dog, or you steal a couple of pictures with your friend's dog, having a photo with a furry friend can dramatically increase the amount of likes you receive on Hinge. Having a photo with a dog displays that you are caring and display that you're responsible, which are both attractive traits to women. While having a picture of a dog by itself can provide an increase in likes, it is highly recommend that you take a high quality candid photo of you interacting with your dog. Make sure your face is clearly shown in the photo, and that the picture doesn't look very staged. Have a friend or a professional photographer take shots while you're enjoying time with your furry friend.

Picture Idea #4: Use Traveling Pictures

Hinge Profile Photos Example #4: Use travel photos in your Hinge bio. Good Hinge bios should include photos with travel destinations behind the subject in the photo. Great Hinge profiles requires a variety of photos that showcase your love for travel. The best Hinge profiles include travel photos that are taken with a high quality camera.

Your photos should be showcasing your most attractive qualities. Using photos of yourself while traveling, displays to women that you seek adventure, and that you enjoy exploring new places. Your photos are a snapshot into what it might be like to date you, so we highly recommend using photos that clearly show your face, while also displaying your travel locations in the background. This photo, paired with a Hinge prompt makes for an easy ice breaker for your matches.

Picture Idea #5: Use Formal Photos

Hinge Profile Photos Example #5: Use Formal Photos. The best Hinge profiles include photos of formal attire while the subject is showing that they are having fun. Include these Hinge profile ideas to improve your Hinge app results with women.

Take advantage of your professional work attire, and upload a photo wearing a formal outfit. While a suit is highly recommended, at the very least you should wear a formal jacket. Remember, you're not applying for a job, or displaying your LinkedIn photos, so you should contrast the seriousness of the formal attire by showing off your playful side. Whether it's you cracking a wink, laughing, or taking part in a fun activity while in your formal attire, be sure to display that you're having fun while taking the photo. If the shot contains you with a group of people, be sure that you are the center of attention of the photo.

Picture Idea #6: Upload One Black and White Photo

Hinge Profile Photos Example #5: Use black and white filters. Hinge reports you're 106% more likely to receive a like when using black and white photos. This sample hinge profile photo demonstrates that the subject's face is clearly shown. Include black and white photos in your Hinge bio to improve your results on the Hinge dating app.

While using filters on photos is controversial in terms of how effective they are on online dating platforms, the data reported by Hinge makes a very good case that black and white filters are very effective when receiving likes. Hinge reported that only 3% of photos on the dating app are black and white. Hinge also reported that black and white photos are 106% more likely to receive a like. That's a dramatic improvement by simply adding a filter to your photos. Just make sure the photo is of high quality, avoid nasty shadows, and ensure your face is shown clearly.

Step 3: Write Eye-Catching and Attractive Hinge Prompt Answers

Hinge allows users to apply 3 prompts to their Hinge bio. Users can write answers to these pre-written prompts and they will be displayed in conjunction to your Hinge profile photos. You need to utilize these prompts to provide interesting insights into your life, personality, and to stick out from the competition. You want to keep your responses light, display a sense of humor, and highlight your most exciting experiences. Below are some sample Hinge profile prompt answers that you can use as inspiration, or simply copy and paste to use in your profile today!

Prompt Example #1: Believe it or not, I....

This prompt answer is loaded with displaying a great sense of humor. By quoting major news outlets, you can call out your great qualities, without it seeming like your bragging. This type of response will allow you to grab a women's attention, and stick out from the serious responses provided by other guys on Hinge.

Hinge Profile Prompt Example #1: Believe it or not I... This hinge profile idea should be used on your hinge bio. It shows a great sense of humor while sticking out form the competition. The Best Hinge Profiles have attractive and funny prompt answers. Answer your Hinge Profile Prompt Questions by keeping them light and suggesting that a potential match messages you.


"Was rated: "Most Romantic Male" - New York Times

"Best Travel Companion" - Travelocity

"Biggest Catch of 2020" - Marlin Fishing Magazine

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