Best Tinder Profile Taglines For Your Bio

Meeting local women on Tinder has become very popular and a great way to start meeting new women on dates. While Tinder is one of the most used dating apps out there, there is a lot of competition when it comes to matching with high quality women due to the amount of men's profiles out there. With so many options presented to women on Tinder, it is critical to have a bio that stands out from the crowd, and a great way to catch the attention of potential matches is with an engaging Tinder profile tagline.

How To Write an Eye Catching Tinder Tagline With Examples

You only have a few seconds to catch a potential matches's attention and Tinder has a 500 character limit. This means that you have to display imagination and attractive qualities in only a few short sentences. Your first couple of sentences are critical and can make the difference between whether a high quality match swipes right or left on your profile. Below are some examples that have been proven to work that you can copy and use on your profiles today.

#1 - The Elevator Pitch Tag Line

"My Tinder Elevator Pitch:

-I’m a digital media specialist, which allows me to travel to major cities and try new restaurants every week.

-Frequent dog beach attendee with my boxer Ralphie

-Very efficient with a tool set

-Semi unprofessional Netflix series critic

-Reigning put-put champion amongst my nephews and nieces

Okay Your Turn: What’s your favorite travel location?"

The elevator pitch is a fun way to quickly list attractive traits while also demonstrating a great sense of humor. In this example, Michael has demonstrated what he does for a living and the benefits, talked about what he does in his free time, and offered insight into how he bonds with his family. If he has captured the interest of a reader, he has provided an ice breaker, making it easier for a woman to message him first.

#2 The Frequent Traveler Tag Line

"Cyber Security Analyst by day and semi-unprofessional adventure planner by night.

Whether it’s catching sun and drinking Pina Coladas in Aruba or hiking in Japan, I love taking trips to new places and learning about new cultures.

When I’m not jet setting, you can find me taking weekend trips to go hiking with friends, trying out new restaurants, or kicking back and enjoying Netflix.

Want in? Message me!"

The Frequent Traveler example does a great job of quickly explaining Justin's occupation and painting a picture of desirable travel locations. Justin successfully portrays his passion for travel in an interesting and fun way. This is very eye catching when combined with the photo he used while traveling. If you enjoy traveling, try describing your preferred locations in a descriptive way.

#3 The Childhood Memories Tagline

"I spent my childhood years practicing important life skills.

Building couch forts, go-karting, and watching cartoons every sunday. Once I learned to count to ten, things really started looking up… Now I’m a Mechanical Engineer.

I stay active with cycling, training for marathons, and on the side I'm a semi-unprofessional brunch critic.

Your turn: dancing, hitting the gym, or aggressive yoga marathons?"

The Childhood Memories Tinder Tagline is a great example of showing off a playful personality while displaying maturity by describing his full time occupation. Joe also does a great job providing a question to potential matches to be used as an ice breaker if they would like to message Joe first.

Building The Perfect Tinder Bio

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