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What Online Dating Mastery Looks Like


Imagine logging into all of your dating apps today to find that you've matched with 50+ beautiful women that are interested in meeting you. Imagine knowing exactly what to say to those women to receive dates with them.


The Online Dating Mastery Course will teach you how to dramatically increase the quantity and quality of women you match with, and will teach you step by step how to message these women so you can meet them on real dates!

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Introducing The Complete Online Dating Mastery Guide

What's Included:

Profile Creation Mastery

Create extremely attractive profiles and dramatically increase the amount of high quality matches you receive on a daily basis

Photo Selection Mastery

Photo Selection Mastery.PNG

Learn everything you need to take amazing photos that attract the top 1% of women on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. 

Complete Message Mastery

Successfully message the most beautiful women on dating apps using the ParagonDating approach packed with examples you can start applying today!

Profile Creation Mastery

Learn how to create a profile that catches the eye of the top 1% of women on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, and More! 


What's included in your Profile Creation Mastery Guide?

  • Proven profile examples that you can copy and apply today!

  • Learn the 70/30 rule, and how it helps attract beautiful women

  • We teach you the most interesting topics to include in your dating profiles to attract the top 1% of women on dating apps

  • We provide you the proven ParagonDating formula for writing an eye-catching profile bio

  • We include the top 4 Rules to writing an attractive profile with examples from Tinder

  • Bonus Material- How to test profile success by using the ParagonDating process to refine and improve your profiles over time

  • Bonus Material- How to utilize Instagram to improve your dating profiles

  • Much more!

Join the top 1% of profiles on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Match, and More!

  • Learn how To build irresistible profiles that result in beautiful women messaging you first!

  • Learn how to build interest and generate attractive emotional reactions with women with your dating profile 

  • Avoid looking like every other guy. We teach you how to create a unique profile that sticks out from the competition

  • Learn how to tailor your profile to women based on demographics, whether that is younger or older women

Photo Selection Mastery

Learn how to take photos that will attract the most attractive women on dating apps

Whats included in your Ultimate Photo Selection Guide:

  • The 6 photos proven to receive likes on every dating platform

  • The 5 rules to avoiding un-attractive photos

  • We provide a crash course in dating photography using nothing but a smartphone! 

  • How to take a data driven approach to selecting your photos

  • Recommended photo dimensions For Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, and more!

  • Bonus tips on photo editing and filters

  • Bonus tips for getting photo feedback by extremely attractive women

Attractive photos are the key to connecting with beautiful women on dating apps

Learn how to select photos that will attract the top 1% of women

Attractive profile photos are the most important component of a very attractive dating profile. One of the main reasons why men do not match with beautiful high quality women is because they select photos that don't showcase their most attractive qualities. 


This guide will teach you the 6 photos, backed by proven data, that are most attractive to women. This guide will teach you how to take and select photos displaying your most attractive traits, while also showing your true personality. 

You will also learn how to test all of your photos ahead of time to determine which are most attractive to women. 

You can expect a dramatic increase in the amount of matches you receive on your favorite dating apps


Attractive profile photos are the key to attracting the top 1% of women on dating apps. Using the proven techniques within this guide, you will build a profile that will attract the highest quality women on all of your favorite dating apps. This guide will teach you how to build a profile with optimal photos that women will love to match with. 

Complete Message Mastery

Successfully message the most beautiful women on dating apps using the ParagonDating approach packed with examples you can start applying today!

What's included in your Complete Message Mastery Guide?​

  • Learn how to send the perfect opener to every woman

  • Over 20 proven messaging techniques with real-life examples

  • The 6 Topics That Result In Engaging Conversations With Beautiful Women

  • Messaging structure techniques to keep conversations engaging

  • How to create emotional spiking conversations with matches

  • Common messaging pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • Learn how to build attraction with every woman you message

  • How to request her number and progress every conversation to a date

  • Bonus Material: How to escalate conversations sexually like a gentleman

  • Bonus Material: Over 30 copy/paste openers that work!

  • Bonus Material: How to get women to message you when they don’t respond

Learn how to send the perfect opener everytime!

You will learn how to craft the perfect opener within every conversation. While you can use our proven openers, we teach you how to write your own so you can tailor your conversations to every women you match with! This guide provides you with a winning approach to messaging beautiful women, receiving responses, and progressing the conversation to in-person dates!

Learn how to keep every conversation engaging, and when to request the date!

When messaging high quality women, maintaining a highly engaging conversation is absolutely critical. This guide will provide you everything you need to know to keep your match engaged while spiking her interest and attraction towards you the entire time. You'll learn how and when you should request a date with your match, to ensure your conversation results in a date. You'll receive plenty of real-life examples that you can apply to your conversations today

Bonus: Learn how to escalate your conversations sexually like a gentlemen

This bonus section will teach you how to build attraction with your matches and how to escalate your conversations sexually without crossing the line. You'll learn how to bring up sexual topics in a way that allows you to progress to a date while keeping the conversation engaging. 


How do I know this stuff even works? What makes this online guide any different than the dating programs available online? ​

This Online Dating Mastery guide is a curation of proven practices that our team here at ParagonDating apply to all of our clients when we are managing their profiles full-time. Everything provided in these guides have been field tested with thousands of women directly from the experiments we routinely run here at ParagonDating as well as what has been proven to work for our clients.

The reason why we created this guide was due to our clients always asking us how we are achieving such a high level of success on a daily basis for them. Whether it's writing profile bios, taking and selecting attractive photos, or the science behind our messaging, our clients consistently ask for a view behind the curtains, and this guide is the result of their requests!

Is this simply a guide filled with pick up lines that girls have seen a hundred times?​

Absolutely not. We do not sell generic pick up lines, and we certainly do not encourage our client's to use them. This guide is a structured, step by step course, that allows our clients to completely stick out from the competition using proven methods that we continue to test on a daily basis. We teach you how to craft conversations tailored to your own personality, starting with proven openers, to messaging structures that build attraction, and provide a clear path on how to successfully connect with request dates with high quality women. Is this simply a guide filled with pick up lines that girls have seen a hundred times?

Is this a guide for guys who only want to casually hook up with women?​

This guide accommodates all relationship goals, inclusive of casual dating, short-term dating, long-term dating, and serious relationships that can lead to marriage. This guide will provide you with the tools necessary to match with the top 1% of women on dating apps, and we teach you how to adjust your messaging depending on what your relationship goals are. Whether you are looking for something casual because you've just gotten out of a committed relationship, or you are searching for something more serious, these guides will help put yourself in the best possible position to accomplish these goals.

Do I need to be good looking for any of this to work?​

Not only are good looks not required for the guidance provided in this guide to work, our goal here at ParagonDating, is to transform average men into the top 1% of males on popular dating apps. You will learn how to completely optimize your online dating profile to showcase your most attractive qualities, while promoting your personality and interests, rather than hiding them. Once your profile is optimal, we provide you with proven messaging guidance to help transform the dramatic increase in matches you receive to real in-person dates.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


You are completely protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! Our goal is to ensure you find success with our program. We're so confident that this guide will dramatically improve your results that if within the first 30 days, if you don't start to connect with high quality women and improve your results, then simply contact us to request a complete refund. All you have to do is show us that you've tested out the material found within these guides and that you weren't able to find success and you will get back every dollar.