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You Have Questions? We Have Answers.


How does my assigned dating expert select my photos?

After you supply your assigned dating expert your preferred photos, your dating expert will select photos that will provide the best results. Your assigned dating expert does this by comparing each photo against best photography practices, overall attractiveness for your dating profiles based on proven concepts, and using our proprietary process that compares each photo against each other to determine the photos that is most likely to result in a match.

Can I also choose which photos to be displayed?

At the end of the day, these are your accounts.  If you have a preference on which photos to use, or you would like to update your profile with new photos

Does ParagonDating help with taking photos?

ParagonDating has created a free Dating Photos Best Practice guide that provides best practices for taking attractive photos using best photography practices and concepts that have been proven to provide best results to dating profiles. This can be downloaded directly from the ParagonDating website or can be provided by your assigned dating expert.

What should I expect during profile creation/setup?

Upon signing up for the ParagonDating service, you will be assigned a dating expert that will manage your profiles. Your dating expert will provide you with our Get To Know You survey and will request photos to be applied to your dating profiles. Upon completion of this survey and initial dialogue with your assigned dating expert, your assigned dating expert will work with our professional writers to craft a well written biography for each respective dating platform you will be using. Once the biographies and the photo selection are completed, you will review and decide whether you approve the photos and biographies or if any changes need to be made. Upon approval, your accounts will be live, and your dating expert will start working on curating matches on each platform.

Can I edit my profile after my assigned dating expert completes setup?

You can always edit your dating profiles while your dating expert continues to work on set you up on dates. Just keep in mind that we have experts using best practices when setting up your profiles and we recommend that you share your changes through your assigned dating expert.

How does the Account Creation process work if I’m using multiple dating platforms?

Our professional writers will craft an appropriate biography with what works well on each  platform and your target demographics. Your assigned dating expert will select and apply photos depending on the platform and your target demographics as well.

What is the ParagonDating Swiping/Liking Process?

Your assigned dating expert will utilize your match preferences that you supply within the Get To Know You survey to determine what profiles they will like/swipe on.  Your dating expert will dedicate your hours upfront to swiping and liking profiles to build matches.

What do I do if I receive a match that I am not interested in?

If you receive a match that you are not interested in, you can personally unmatch that individual  on the dating platform or inform your assigned dating expert that you are not interested, and they will unmatch for you.

Can I swipe on and like potential matches in parallel to my assigned dating expert?

Absolutely. We understand if you want to increase the number of matches that you receive and understand that you swiping/liking in parallel can achieve this goal faster. While we encourage complete automation, , we don’t have a problem with you building your base of matches in parallel .

Will my assigned dating expert swipe during peak times on each platform?

You can expect your dating expert to optimize how your hours are used. This includes ensuring that swiping/liking is done during peak times on each dating platform. This can vary depending on your dating experts schedule, but your dating expert will focus on swiping at the best time for each platform.

How long will my assigned dating expert swipe/like potential match profiles?

The time allotted to swiping depends on both the package you’ve purchased as well as the number of matches you’ve received. Your dating expert’s goal is to place you on dates, so they will spend more time messaging and engaging with your matches as your matches increase.

How does the ParagonDating Messaging Management process work?

Your assigned dating expert will balance their time between swiping/liking to match with high quality individuals based on your preferences and messaging those matches. Your dating expert will establish a tone to message matches using your personality traits and experiences provided in the Get To Know You survey while also engaging in ice breakers and conversational topics proven to keep the conversation flowing. The conversational tone will differ based on the platform being used and the demographics of the matches being messaged. Your dating expert will manage all conversations and will progress the conversation to the point where they will propose scheduling a date.

How often are my accounts managed and how often are messages sent out?

Your accounts are managed daily. The amount of time that your assigned expert spends building matches and messaging matches depends on the package you’ve purchased.

How many messages are sent in a day?

The amount of messages that you can expect your assigned dating expert to send on a given day depends on the package you’ve purchased,  if there are matches to send messages to as they balance time between finding matches and messaging, as well as how responsive your matches are on a given day.

How quickly will my assigned dating expert respond to messages?

Your assigned dating expert will manage your accounts typically between two windows each day. Your dating expert will make a best effort to manage your accounts during peak times on each platform as well as one additional window to continue conversations with matches.

Will my assigned dating expert change what I say based on the age group that I’m messaging?

Messages and conversational tone will differ based on the demographic that your assigned expert is speaking to.

Can I message my matches in parallel to my assigned dating expert?

You can message matches in parallel to your dating expert, but we do recommend against this to avoid confusion with your dating expert. If you would like to take the wheel on a conversation, we ask that you inform your dating expert so that they will cease communication   with that match.

How quickly can I expect my assigned dating expert to ask a match for a date?

The moment that your dating expert will suggest a date depends on how reactive your match is, how the conversation is going, and your availability. Your dating expert is provided incentives to schedule as many dates as your own schedule will allow.

I have a lot of matches, but my dating expert hasn’t messaged all of them. Why is that happening?

This is a great problem to have. Your assigned dating expert works within two windows a day to increase matches and message matches. When a significant number of matches have been made, your dating expert will shift their time to messaging those matches and scheduling dates. The number of matches that your dating expert will message depends on how much time they will spend in each window, and that amount of time depends on the package you’ve purchased.

Will my assigned dating expert utilize paid features on my dating platforms?

We recommend that you sign up for paid accounts on the different platforms for best results. Your assigned dating expert will leverage the different features made available on each platform to increase matches and initiate conversations with matches. If you decide to sign up for paid features after your dating expert has started their process, inform them that your accounts now have the additional features and they will begin utilizing those services immediately.

How does the ParagonDating date arrangement process work?

You assigned dating expert will be messaging and suggesting dates with your matches. You will provide your availability within the Get To Know You survey and provide several preferred locations to meet with your match for your dating expert to use. . Your assigned dating expert will always notify you when a date has been scheduled to confirm that the proposed time/date/location works with your schedule. If your schedule changes, you can provide your dating expert your updated availability and they will schedule dates accordingly.

If I need to cancel a date, will my assigned dating expert continue to manage that match’s conversation if I’m still interested?

Yes. If you need to cancel or reschedule a date, please inform your assigned dating expert, and they will manage the conversation with your match and determine a better date/time that works for both you and your match.

If I frequently travel, will my assigned dating expert like/swipe and message potential matches in different cities?

If you consistently travel, your dating expert will align your profile locations to those destinations ahead of time. This requires consistent communication with your dating expert to ensure that they are focusing their efforts in the correct locations and have your most   current availability.

What if I live in a low populated area? Am I still eligible for the ParagonDating service?

In lower populated areas, there are less users on dating platforms to match with. Your assigned dating expert will attempt to focus on your current location, but if there aren’t many profiles to match with, they will shift their efforts to gather matches in the nearest populated areas.

How often am I billed?

ParagonDating will bill your account once a month. Each billing cycle resets your hours.

How do I upgrade or change my package?

To upgrade your package, please inform your assigned dating expert that you would like to upgrade, and your upgraded package will appear on the next billing cycle. Want to start applying more hours to your profiles ASAP? Not a problem, your assigned dating expert can adjust your package immediately.

How quickly is my account worked on after purchase?

The account creation/updating process occurs within 48 hours of purchase. . The profile setup process takes about 2 days after you have sent the Get To Know You survey and photos to your assigned dating expert. Setup can take longer if insufficient information is provided, or if your dating expert requests additional or better photos for your profile.

How do I cancel?

To cancel, please inform your assigned dating expert that you would like to cancel, and they will update your account to not be charged on the next billing cycle.

Can I temporarily pause my membership?

You can pause your membership at any time. Just inform your dating expert and you will not be charged during the next billing cycle. When you are ready to reactivate the service, send a message via our Contact Us page and we will pick up where we left off.

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