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How To Make a Top 10% Dating Profile. We teach you how to write perfect dating profiles with tips for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, and more!


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Whats included in your free Perfect Dating Profile Creation Guide?

  • Copy and paste examples that you can apply today

  • Critical rules for writing attractive profiles

  • The best topics to include in your dating profiles to increase matches

  • The ParagonDating formula for writing an eye catching profile

  • How to craft your profile based on demographic preferences

  • Bonus Material- How to utilize Instagram to improve your dating profiles

  • Much more!

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Top 3 Rules to Writing an Attractive Profile with Examples from Tinder


Dating Profile Rule #1 - Keep Your Descriptions Short and Sweet

Your potential matches do not want to read a novel. Remember, you are one of thousands of profiles that your potential match will be reading through , so they will not want to spend a large amount of time on one profile. To avoid a wordy profile, encapsulate your most attractive qualities within to the point descriptions.

Dating Profile Rule #2 - Show, Don't Tell


When describing yourself in your dating profiles, it is important that you demonstrate attractive qualities, rather than listing them out. Writing “I enjoy working out a few times a week” or that you’re “professionally focused” does not help your potential matches understand the attractive traits you have or the hobbies you enjoy. Instead, you should demonstrate your personality and interests with specific examples:

Dating Profile Rule #3 - Engage Your Potential Matches

30% of your profiles should focus on your potential matches. You can describe what you are looking for directly in your profile and provide your matches questions to help them open the conversation.

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How To Write a Good Dating Profile Bio with Examples From Bumble


Dating Profile Bio Tip #1 - Hook With a Personal Story or Anecdote


When writing your dating profile, you want to create a hook by using an interesting personal story. Your hook is meant to be lighthearted and attention grabbing, so using exaggeration and funny statements is highly encouraged.

Tony's Bumble profile provides a great example of this:"Fitness trainer. Aspiring wine steward. Semi professional brunch critic"

Dating Profile Tip #2 - Your Occupation

To avoid sounding boring when writing about your occupation, focus on the underlying exciting aspects of your job. A short statement on your job and why you enjoy it is more than enough.

Dating Profile Tip #3 - Your Hobbies, Interests, and Accomplishments


Remember: Show, Don’t Tell. You want to focus on the underlying benefits of your hobbies and keep in mind why they could benefit your matches. Whether it’s a hike through mountains that a match could join with you, enjoying a Sunday morning at a dog park with your furry friend, or partaking in fine wine at your favorite beach spot, any hobby is an activity that could attract your readers.

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Routinely Testing New Profile Content and Pictures Will Improve Success.


Dating Profile Testing Tip #1 - Use Hinge as a Testing Ground for Bios and Pictures

Hinge provides users different prompts to help you generate your profile. These prompts provide a great opportunity to discover what content is most attractive to potential matches, that can then be applied and used on your other dating apps. Potential matches will like individual prompts and/or photos, giving you instant feedback on what is working with your profile.

Dating Profile Testing Tip #2 - Update Your Profile Every Few Weeks

We recommend updating your dating profile every few weeks to ensure that your profile is always fresh as this allows for testing new content that could be used on your other dating platforms to improve your match results. The goal is to build your most attractive profile, and there's no better way than routinely testing bio prompts and new photos to determine what works best. 

Dating Profile Testing Tip #3 - Hire a Team of Professional Dating Experts To Test For You

Creating a perfect dating profile can be difficult and extremely time consuming. We recommend deploying a team of experts to your profiles to accomplish this for you. ParagonDating offers complete dating platform automation, from creating highly attractive profiles on your favorite dating platforms on Day 1, to finding matches based on your preferences, completely managing conversations with your matches, and arranging dates with matches on your behalf.


Your time is valuable, so let the experts take the wheel and automate your online dating today.

Download The Complete Guide For Free

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