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Think You Can't Transform Your Dating Results Overnight? Think Again.

2 Years And Thousands Of Experiments Later...We've Created The Ultimate Online Dating Funnel 


What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From A Group Of Dating App Data Nerds?

Endless Quality Matches

An Endless Amount Of Dates

Same Day & Long Term Results

You Will Get Triple (Or More) Quality Matches On Any Dating App

You Will Learn How To Open And Master Conversation Banter To Close More Dates Each Week

You Will Learn How To Hack Your Dating Results In A Single Day While Building A Foundation For Continuous Improvement

Masterclass Content (4000 x 4000 px).png
Masterclass Content (4000 x 4000 px) (1).png

Dating Apps Can Be Hard For Most Guys

Most Guys Experience The Following Results On Dating Apps

Very low profile exposure, resulting in small amounts of likes and matches

Consistently ghosted by the more attractive matches they receive, and go on only a few dates at most each month

Less than 3 new matches per day even while endlessly swiping

Low amount of likes accrued by attractive women 

Fall short of significant improvement in number or quality of matches, even though they pay for upgraded memberships and features

A sense that it's the dating app must be a money generating scam because of poor results

If This Sounds Like Your Experience......This Course Is Here To Change Everything

The ParagonDating Approach To Dating Apps

Step 1: Becoming a Dating Data Scientist

Generate Dating Funnels

Masterclass Content (4000 x 4000 px) (2).png

You will learn how to effectively transform your online dating apps into high quality date generating dating funnels

Creating Mini Dating App Experiments

You Will Learn How To Create Mini Dating Experiments To Track, Improve, & Optimize Every Aspect Of Online Dating

Masterclass Content (4000 x 4000 px) (3).png

Use Proven Hacks To Generate 1000's of likes and Improve Your Desirability Scores

Masterclass Content (4000 x 4000 px).png
  • Learn How To Quickly Increase Your Photo Attractiveness Using Specific Editing Hacks

  • Learn How To Utilize Specific Paid Features on Tinder & Bumble To Generate 1000's of Likes and Sky Rocket Your Desirability Scores

Step 2: Creating Top 5% Profiles To Increase Matches

Dating Photography Crash Course

We Teach You How To Successfully Take The Only 5 Photos You Need For Any Dating App To Match With High Quality Women


Becoming A Profile Bio Professional

You Will Learn How To Write Highly Attractive Profile Bios That Result In More Women Liking and Messaging You First!


Step 3: Mastering Opening, Banter and Flirting, And Closing More Dates

Learn How To Open Every Conversation Perfectly

You Will Learn The Best Openers With Response Rates Over 85% And The Topics That Immediately Generate Interest and Attraction With Matches


Master Banter and Flirting

Learn Our Highly Effective Frameworks and Techniques To Successfully Flirt And Generate Enough Attraction With Banter To Close More Dates


Closing More Dates

DFY Registration Date.png

Learn Our Best Closing Techniques To Dramatically Increase The Amount of Women That Agree To Meet In Person For a Date

It Doesn't Matter What Dating App You're Using... This Course Is Compatible!

In fact...

We have clients on every major dating app who are using the methods taught in this course

They use it to message hundreds of women, on apps like:


And Many More!

Who This Masterclass Isn't For

Men Who Are Okay With Getting Few Matches and Dates 

Men Who Think Online Dating Is a Scam And They Have Better Odds Not Using Dating  Apps

Men Who Don't  Want To Take Action That Results In Immediate Improvement of Their Dating Lives

Men Not Willing To Take New Photos. There Is No Way Around It, Your Photos Are Important When Matching With Attractive Women.

Who this Masterclass Is For

Men Excited To Learn How To Generate Dating Profiles That Result In More Dates With Attractive Women

Men Who Are Willing To Put In A Small Amount of Work (We've Done The Hard Part For You) To Invest In Their Online Dating Results

Men Who Are Interested In Experimenting With Their Online Profiles To Generate Much Better Results

Men That Learn Best From Actual Examples And The Application of Theory

What's Inside The ParagonDating Masterclass?

Module 1

Learning The Fundamentals

In this module, you will learn the following:

How To Create Online Dating Funnels and Experiments

How to apply the scientific method and statistics to generate highly optimized dating profiles

How to formulate online dating funnels and the most important metrics for improvement

Sample Mini Experiment Template Included

The Dirty Truth About Online Dating

Building A Confident And Playful Approach To Online Dating

Examining your competition & taking a deep dive into a women's dating account

Module 2

Zero To Hero: Gaining 1,000 Likes and 20 Dates in 48 Hours

In this module, you will learn the following:

How To Replicate Our Experiment To Gain 1,000 Likes and 20+ Dates within 24 Hours

The Photo Selection, Editing, and Testing Process

The bios we applied to our dating profiles

The Settings and Paid Features We Utilized, and When We Applied Them

The ParagonDating Nuclear Strategy For Sky Rocketing Your Desirability Scores on Dating Apps and Generating Massive Amounts of Likes In Only A Few Hours

The Messaging Strategy Used With Message Examples of All 20 Closed Dates

Module 3

Writing Highly Attractive Profiles

In this module, you will learn the following:

The Perfect Profile Blueprint

The ParagonDating Bio & Prompt Framework For Highly Attractive Profiles

Critical Rules & Hacks For Generating Attraction With Your Bio

The ParagonDating Formula For Generating Bios That Cause Women To Message You First

Guidance on Writing Short Bios For Apps Like Tinder and Hinge and Long Form Bios For Platforms Like and OkCupid. Real Examples That Can be Copied Are Included

Bumble & Hinge Prompt Tips & Real Examples That Can Be Copied

Module 4

Dating Photography Mastery

In this module, you will learn the following:

Dating Photography Crash Course

The Only 5 Photos You Need For Hundreds of Matches

Dating Photography 101: How To Take High Quality Photos With Your Smart Phone

Links To DIY Photography Tips/Tutorials, Platforms For Hiring Photo Editors, And Best DIY Photo Editor Apps

Profile Video Tips For Dating Apps

How To Take High Quality Attractive Videos

Recommended Video Editing Apps 

Posing & Fashion Guide

How To Pose To Dramatically Increase Your Attractiveness

Male Fashion Wardrobe Essentials Tips & Advice

Data Driven Photography

The Best Tools For Gathering Data Driven Feedback For Your Dating Photos

How To Hire a Dating Photography And Is It Worth It

Solving The Professional Dating Photographer Dilemma & How To Find The Best Photographers For Your Dating Profiles

Module 5

Dating Message Mastery

In this module, you will learn the following:

Dating Conversations Overview

The Winning Mentality & Portraying High Value In Conversations

Scalable Messages To Streamline Conversations With Many Matches

The Fundamentals of Messaging: Generating Interest, Attraction, and a Playful Sense of Humor

The Messaging Playbook: Rules & Guidelines For Messaging on Dating Apps

Sending Perfect Openers

Why Most Openers Don't Work & What Not To Send

The Best Opener Ever Made & The Only Opener You'll Ever Need

Posing & Fashion Guide

How To Pose To Dramatically Increase Your Attractiveness

Male Fashion Wardrobe Essentials Tips & Advice

Messaging Frameworks & High Value Topics

Understanding How To Progress Your Conversations To In-Person Dates

The 3 Frameworks For Perfect Conversations With Women On Dating Apps

The 5 High Value Conversational Topics That Generate Interest and Attraction

Flirting, Banter, Closing, Re-Engaging, And Avoiding Mistakes

Conversational Indicators of Interest Vs Indicators of Investment

Understanding The Window of Opportunity And Why Waiting Too Long To Reply Causes Ghosting

The 8 Techniques To Master Flirting and Banter Within Every Conversation - Includes Real Conversation Examples

How To Re-engage Ghosted Conversations

Module 6

Bonus: The Ultimate Bachelor Module

In this module, you will learn the following:

The Ultimate Bachelor Resource List

Resources For Building Financial Freedom

Resources and Programs For Losing Weight and Gaining Muscle Quickly 

Guide To Building The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

The Best Online Dating Resources For Continued Learning

Bumble & Hinge Prompt Tips & Real Examples That Can Be Copied

The 30 Day 110% Money Back Guarantee 

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course. We at ParagonDating are so confident this course will help you, that if you are unsatisfied, not only will we refund you 100% of your money back, but we will actually pay you 10% of what you paid for the course.

We will take all the risk on this.


If you don't find success following the guidance in this course, then simply put, if you email us demonstrating that you put in the effort to apply what we teach you to your photos, bios, messaging, and you follow our methods for quickly generating likes and matches, and if we confirm that you have followed this course correctly, then we will literally pay you.


That is how confident we are that if this course is a bullet proof methodology for finding fast success when it comes to dating apps....

I hope you love this course, and I hope you use our instructions on every women you match with on all of your favorite dating apps. I Want to give this to you because I know how this can transform your dating life forever.


Thanks again,

David CEO & Founder of ParagonDating


P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was?


You get instant access to Online Dating Masterclass, providing you the SAME methods that the ParagonDating team uses when creating highly irresistible profiles for our clients that attract the top 1% of women on dating apps, as well as the same exact methods we use when sending thousands of messages to beautiful women and closing dates for our clients! 


After closing thousands of dates for our clients, we have curated our proven approach to online dating that can be replicated by any guy in as early as a single afternoon!


Just click the button below right now to get started!

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