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ParagonDating's Masterclass

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Think You Can't Transform Your Dating Results Overnight? Think Again.

Transform Your Dating Life By Combining AI With The Most Innovative Approach To Online Dating

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Dating Apps Can Be Hard For Most Guys

Most Guys Experience The Following Results On Dating Apps

Very low profile exposure, resulting in small amounts of likes and matches

Less than 3 new matches per day even while endlessly swiping

Fall short of significant improvement in number or quality of matches, even though they pay for upgraded memberships and features

Consistently ghosted by the more attractive matches they receive, and go on only a few dates at most each month

Low amount of likes accrued by attractive women 

A sense that it's the dating app must be a money generating scam because of poor results

Introducing The ParagonDating Masterclass

The World's Best Solution To Online Dating 

Module 1: The Arbitrage Strategy

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Learn How To Utilize Specific Paid Features on Tinder & Bumble To Generate 1000's of Likes and Sky Rocket Your Desirability Scores....Within Hours

In One Day, Become One of The Most Valuable Profiles In Your Area And Maximize Your Exposure To The Most Sought After Women. 

Module 2: AI Photoshoots

No Phootshoot? No Problem. You'll Learn How To Use AI To Generate High Value Photos To Help Improve Your Dating Profiles

Your Photos Dictate The Success When It Comes To The Quality of Matches You Receive. After This Course You'll Be Able To Generate Top Quality Photos, Without Ever Leaving The House!

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Module 3: AutoDate

Introducing The World's First AI Dating Assistant...

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Trained To Swipe On High Quality Matches For You


Using Our Pre-trained Models, Your Dating Assistant Will Swipe on Highly Attractive Profiles, Saving You Hours, and Increasing The Amount of Quality Matches You Receive.

Trained To Message Matches For You

Your Dating Assistant Will Message Every Match, Manage The Entire Conversation, And Will Notify You When It Receives a Phone Number. Imagine Always Saying The Right Thing Without The Effort.  


Dating Apps Made Easy

Dating Apps Can Be Difficult. We've Create The First Solution That Removes The Need For You To Deal With Those Headaches. 

The AutoDate Assistant Makes It As Easy As Sending A Text Telling It Retrieve Dates While You Kick Back And Are Notified When You Receive Number's From Matches.


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Module 4: Online Dating Mastery Guide

Online Dating Mastery Guide

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You'll Receive Access To All Three of These Guides and More!

Guide #1 - Message Mastery Guide


"Learn How To Message Women, Generate Highly Flirtatious Conversations, and Close 10x More Dates"

Guide #2 - Profile
Mastery Guide


"Learn How To Create Irresistible Profiles That Stick Out From The Competition"

Guide #3 - The Photo Selection Mastery Guide


"Learn How To Take and Select Photos That Attract The Top 1% of Women On Dating Apps"

The Message Mastery Guide makes it simple to flirt with women providing you step by step guidance from sending the opening message, to generating attraction, and requesting a date with matches. You will learn to generate highly interesting and attractive conversations, while eliminating ghosting and closing dates with your dream women. 

The Profile Mastery Guide makes it simple to quickly write highly attractive dating profiles and prompts on dating apps. Learn how to generate interest and attraction before messaging women and stick out from the competition. This guide will help you receive 10x more likes and matches with the most beautiful women on dating apps. 

What's Included in The Messaging Mastery Guide:

What's Included In The Profile Mastery Guide:

How To Craft The Perfect Opener

The 70/30 Rule and How It Pulls Women To Message You First

The Three Types of Openers Women Love

The 6 Topics That Drive Interest and Attraction

The 6 Attractive Topics To Include In Your Profile

​The 10 Techniques To Progress Every Conversation To a Date

The 4 Critical Rules For Writing Profile Bios, Profile Prompts, and About Me Sections

​How To Successfully Request The Date

The ParagonDating Profile Formula For Generating 10x More Matches

​The Bachelors Guide To Casual Dating

The 3 Exercises To Writing Highly Attractive Profiles

The Photo Selection Mastery Guide is your solution to taking and selecting highly attractive photos for your dating profiles, using nothing but your phone! Learn how to take irresistible photos that catch the attention of the most attractive women in your area, and receive 10x more likes from the top 1% of women on dating apps!

What's Included In The Photo Selection Mastery Guide:

The Dating Photography Crash Course

​The 6 Most Effective Photos on Dating Apps

​The 3 Most Common Photo Mistakes on Dating Profiles and How To Avoid Them

​How To Test and Optimize Your Photos For Maximum Results

Bonus: How To Use Instagram To Date More Women

Everything You're Going To Get

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Tinder Mastery Guide 2021 ebook enlarged.png
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This Video Module Will Teach You How To Create A Top Ranked Profile On Tinder In a Single Day, That Results In Hundreds of Quality Matches

AI Generated Photoshoots

This Video Module Will Teach You How To Utilize AI Tools To Generate High Value Photos To Add To Your Profile Line Up Without Leaving Your Home.

Unlimited Access To AutoDate

You Will Receive Access To Your Very Own AI Dating Assistant That Will Automatically Swipe and Message For You on Tinder and Bumble

Online Dating Mastery Guide

You Will Receive Access To Our Flagship Online Dating Mastery Guide Including The Message Mastery Guide, Profile Mastery Guide, and Photo Selection Guide

Tinder Mastery Guide

This Guide Will Teach You How To Write Effective Bios, and Message Effectively on Tinder, Whether You're Looking For a Relationship or Casual Dates

Tinder and Bumble Elevate

This Video Course Will Enable You To Master Tinder and Bumble and Ensure You Generate High Quality Profiles and Better Understand How To Effectively Take Advantage of Their Algorithms.

Bonus: Bachelor Success

This Section Will Provide High Quality Curated Links To Non-Dating App Advice For Single Men For Personal Growth and Development

Experiments- Coming Soon

We Will Be Publishing Our Internal Experiments To Our Members. This Means As We Learn About Newly Released Dating App Features, You Will See First Hand, What Techniques Will Generate Best Results.

Today Just $199

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