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Master Dating Apps

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Dating Is Digital Now

We Have Your Back

Extreme Experimentation

We Test Every Possible Variable On Every Popular Dating App To Generate Optimal Results


Produce Repeatable Results

We bundle, re-test, and confirm the variables that produced accelerated success that can be repeated for our clients.

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You Replicate Our Success

We release our results and methods to our subscribers and clients on our blog, online courses, and via our coaching and Date For You Service

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Introducing Our Newest Free Dating Course

This FREE Video Series Will Provide You Everything You Need To Completely Transform Your Results on Tinder & Bumble. Packed With Advice That Has Been Replicated For Hundreds of Our Clients, You Will Learn Everything You Need To Start Matching With The Most Beautiful Women In Your Area.

Coming Soon.....

The ParagonDating Masterclass


We Are Currently In The Final Stages of Developing The Most Effective Dating Course Ever Made.


After 3 Years Of Daily Dating Experiments, Managing Thousands of Dating Accounts, and Landing Our Clients Thousands of Dates, We Have Created The Best Blueprint That Constantly Produces Results That The Top 1% of Men Experience. In A Single Weekend, You Will Generate Results That Typically Take The Most Attractive Men Months To Receive.


It's Taken Our Team a Year To Produce This Course, And We Are Excited To Announce It Will Be Released In April Exclusively To Our Subscribers. Subscribe Now And Receive Updates And An Early Adopter Discount When We Launch This Course!

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The ParagonDating FlagShip Date For You Service

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Due To Extremely High Demand For Our Services in 2022, We Had To Limit The Amount of Clients We Could Accept. We Are Happy To Announce That Enrollment For Our DATE FOR YOU Service, Where Our Team Creates and Manages Every Aspect of Your Online Dating, Will Be Made Available Soon.


We Have Grown Our Amazing Team, Have Streamlined The High Quality Results That Our Clients Have Come To Expect, and Have Generated The Greatest Online Dating Service On The Market. 

Subscribe Now To Be Alerted When Enrollment Will Open For New Clients Early This Year!

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